The transport infrastructure in the north east is a major asset, but one that must be properly maintained if it is to operate efficiently. Most roads are the responsibility of the local authorities, while Transport Scotland, through its agents Bear Scotland, is responsible for the trunk roads - the A90 and A96. Network Rail own the rail infrastructure, with stations being managed by First ScotRail.

Local road maintenance budgets have gradually declined over time, leading to progressive deterioration in the condition of the infrastructure.  The national backlog of maintenance has been estimated as requiring a doubling of current expenditure to fix.

Local authorities will continue to maintain the local road network, within budgetary constraints, in order to provide a safe and efficient network.  Local authorities regularly meet with representatives of Bear Scotland and Transport Scotland to discuss trunk road issues and Nestrans will make the case for increased maintenance and improvements to the trunk road network where required.  Nestrans will also push for additional funding to local authorities to be spent on road maintenance. In the wake of severe winter weather in 2010, the Nestrans Board agreed to allocate more than a million pounds of funds for the second year in succession to enable desperately required strategic roads maintenance to be undertaken throughout Aberdeen City and Shire.