Civitas PORTIS

Cleaner and Better Transport in Cities

CIVITAS (which stands for Cities, VITAlity and Sustainability) is a network of cities dedicated to cleaner, better transport in Europe and beyond.

Aberdeen is part of a consortium for ‘Civitas PORTIS’ which is a four year project that will test innovative and sustainable urban mobility solutions in five European port cities; Aberdeen, Antwerp, Trieste, Constanta and Klaipeda. Ningbo, in China, is also involved as a follower city.

The project is 100% funded by the European Commission from the Horizon 2020 Funding Programme and the total budget for the local region is approximately £3.2 million.

Overall the project aims to show that sustainable urban mobility can increase functional and social cohesion between city centres and ports, while pushing the economy forward and boosting the allure of modern urban environments.

Nestrans is involved in the following Work Packages relating to:

  • Fostering walking and cycling;
  • Redesigning collective travel;
  • Developing travel plans;
  • Collecting and managing data to support Travel Information;
  • Supporting sound planning and decision-making;
  • Enhancing demand management;
  • Enhancing freight gateway interconnectivity;
  • Developing smart systems for freight; and
  • Minimising large vehicles in City Centre and encouraging clean vehicles.

Locally, the project is led by Aberdeen City Council but also involves Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen Harbour Board, Aberdeenshire Council and Nestrans. The University of Aberdeen is also undertaking assessment of the project.