regional transport strategy refresh 2013

Nestrans has a statutory duty to develop a Regional Transport Strategy (RTS) for our area and the current RTS was approved by Scottish Ministers in 2008.  Since its adoption, there have been a number of changes to the policy and economic context within which the RTS sits and a number of actions and policies emerging in recent years that the RTS should take account of.  The purpose of this refresh has not been to change the direction of the RTS but to incorporate significant developments in policy and extend its timeframe t better align with the new Strategic Development Plan to 2035.

This refresh has been carried out following a thorough period of consultation with key stakeholders on both a main issues report and the draft document itself.  Full Strategic Environmental Assessment and Equalities Impact Assessment have also been carried out.

The RTS Refresh was approved by the Minister for Transport and Veterans in January 2014.

You can access the RTS Refresh and all supporting documentation below:

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RTS Refresh - Approved by the Minister for Transport and Veterans - 2013
Consultation comments and responses
RTS Refresh Consultation Document - April 2013
Strategic Environmental Assessment
Equalities Impact Assessment
Habitat Regultions Appraisal
Main Issues Report
RTS Monitoring Report