Sustainable Travel Grants

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Our Sustainable Travel Grants Scheme supports the development of Travel Plans and travel awareness in Aberdeen City and Shire.

Organisations can apply for up to £10,000 in matched funding to support sustainable transport initiatives.
Additional credit can be given to applications where:

- A Travel Plan has already been drawn up for the organisation, 
- A detailed travel survey has been carried out,
- Complementary control measures (e.g. parking controls) are planned or already in place; and  
- Innovation, environmental benefit and/or value for money are demonstrated.

Any organisation based in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire can apply for funding towards measures aimed at supporting the development of more integrated and more sustainable transport. Applications can be made on behalf of:

-  Any business or other organisation, including charities, not for profit and public sector agencies, based in or operating in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire; 
-  A specific workplace or section within such a business or other organisation; 
-  Commercial or public service premises (not a private residence) currently attracting visitors or customers by car.

Since its launch the STGS has provided funding to support schemes implementing measures such as improved pedestrian access, secure cycle parking and a shuttle bus.

Nestrans Travel Planning Strategy

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