Board Meeting 19/09/18

To: Councillor Peter Argyle, Chair; Dr Margaret Bochel and Councillor Sandra Macdonald, Vice Chairs; Mr Eddie Anderson, Councillor David Aitchison, Stephen Archer, Gale Beattie, Councillor Philip Bell, Councillor John Cox, Mr Gerry Donald, Mr Gerry Donald, Mr George Mair, Councillor Alex Nicoll, Councillor Colin Pike, Mr Ian Ross and Councillor Jennifer Stewart.

Aberdeen City Council Substitute Members:- Councillors Ross Grant, Brett Hunt, Michael Hutchison and Ian Yuill.

Aberdeenshire Council Substitute Members:- Councillors George Carr, Martin Ford, Ian Mollison and Gillian Owen

Please note that a substitute member may only participate in the meeting when a substantive member is absent.

Should you require further information regarding the Agenda, please contact Derick Murray 01224 346680

Meeting of Board
(Marine Operations Centre, Aberdeen Harbour Board, Aberdeen)
Wednesday 19 September 2018 at 1400


1 (a) Declarations of Interest
1 (b) Minute of Board 20th June 2018
1 (c) Board Meeting Dates 2019

2. Presentation by Michelle Handforth, Chief Executive, Aberdeen Harbour

3. Strategy

3 (a) Director’s Report
3 (b) Transport (Scotland) Bill 
3 (c) Regional Transport Strategy – Programme for RTS III 
3 (d) Councillors Code of Conduct – Amendments for RTP Members
3 (e) Code of Corporate Governance
3 (f) Getabout Evaluation

4. Projects

4 (a) FPASTS – Further Rail Study
4 (b) Park and Ride Research – Results and Action Plan
4 (c) Wellington Road Multi-modal Corridor Study – STAG Part 1

5. Action Plans

5 (a) Not Taken Up

6. General

6 (a) Progress Report
6 (b) Publications and Consultations

7 Budget Matters

7 (a) 2018/19 Budget Matters 
7 (b) Annual Accounts 2017/18 and the Report on the 2017/18 Audit by the External Auditor 
7 (c) Community Transport Grant Fund

8. Information Bulletin

9. Conferences and Presentations

10. Pending Business and Reports for Future Meetings

Download Board Papers
Public Pack 19/09/18