To:- Councillor Sandra Macdonald (Chair), Councillor Peter Argyle & Dr Margaret Bochel (vice Chairs), Councillor David Aitchison, Councillor Philip Bell, Councillor George Carr, Councillor Jon Cox, Councillor Avril MacKenzie, Councillor Michael Hutchison, Mr Gerry Donald, Mr Ian Ross; Mr Colin Allanach, Mr Stephen Archer and Ms Gale Beattie.

Aberdeen City Council Substitute Members: - Councillor Ross Grant, Councillor Ryan Houghton, Councillor David Cameron and Councillor Ian Yuill.
Aberdeenshire Council Substitute Members: - Councillor Martin Ford, Councillor Ian Mollison, Councillor Gillian Owen, Councillor TBA

Please note that a substitute member may only participate in the meeting when a substantive member is absent.

Should you require further information regarding the Agenda, please contact Rab Dickson 01224 346680

                                                          NORTH EAST OF SCOTLAND TRANSPORT PARTNERSHIP
                                                                                              Meeting of Board

(This Meeting will be held virtually utilising Teams. A recording of the meeting will be available from the Nestrans website as soon as is practical.)

                                                                                 Wednesday 4 November 2020


Board Meeting 04/11/2020

1.       Housekeeping

1.1     Declarations of Interest
1.2     Minute of Board Meeting:

2.       Presentation: (Not taken up)

3.1     Budget Matters

4.       Strategy

4.1      Director’s Report

4.2     Covid 19 Update and Status

4.3     Draft Regional Transport Strategy 2040: Response to Consultation

5.        Projects

5.1      E-Cargo Bikes Project

5.2     Climate Change Reporting

6.       Action Plans

6.1     Rail Matters Update

7.       General

7.1     Progress Report

7.2    Publications and Consultations

7.3    Complaints Handling Procedure

8.      Information Bulletin

9.      Conferences and Presentations

10.   Pending Business and Reports for Future Meetings

Download Board Papers
Public Pack 04/11/2020
Recording of the meeting