North East of Scotland Transport Partnership

Board Meeting - 6 December 2023

2pm - Council Chamber, Town House, Aberdeen.

This meeting will be held in person with the option of joining remotely for those that cannot attend. A recording of the meeting will be available online as soon as is practical.


1.       Housekeeping

1.1       Declarations of Interest and Transparency Statements

1.2       Minute of Board Meeting, 1 November 2023

2.       Presentations - Not Taken Up

3.       Budget Matters

3.1       2023/24 Budget Matters

4.       Strategy

4.1       Director’s Report

4.2       Weather Resilience - Impact of Storm Babet on Strategic Transport Network

5.       Projects

5.1       Aberdeen Rapid Transit Update

5.2       Regional Active Travel Network Development Update

5.3       Strategic Active Travel Routes

6.      Action Plans

6.1       Health and Transport Action Plan - Review and Annual Report

6.2       Freight Action Plan - Rail Freight Terminals (Aberdeen South) Study

7.      Progress Report

8.      Publications and Consultations

9.      Information Bulletin

10.    Conferences and Presentations

11.   Pending Business and Reports for Future Meetings

Download Board Papers
Public Pack 06/12/2023

Board Members

  • Councillor Alan Turner (Chair)
  • Dr Margaret Bochel (Vice Chair)
  • Councillor Michael Hutchison (Vice Chair)
  • Mr Colin Allanach
  • Councillor John Cox
  • Councillor Isobel Davidson
  • Mr Gerry Donald
  • Councillor Sandra Macdonald
  • Councillor Miranda Radley
  • Councillor Glen Reid
  • Mr Ian Ross
  • Councillor Ian Yuill

Substitute Members

  • Councillor Kate Blake
  • Councillor George Carr
  • Councillor Martin Greig
  • Councillor Alexander McLellan
  • Councillor Doreen Mair
  • Councillor Trevor Mason
  • Councillor Alex Nicol
  • Councillor Stephen Smith
Recording of the meeting