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Our two travel grant funds support organisations and groups across the North East to implement sustainable travel initiatives. These aim to increase travel by public transport, cycling and walking, promote low emission vehicles and reducing the need to travel.

Sustainable Travel Grant Scheme

Our Sustainable Travel Grants Scheme supports the development of Travel Plans and travel awareness across the North East.

Organisations can apply for up to £10,000 in matched funding to support sustainable transport initiatives.

Any organisation based in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire can apply for funding towards measures aimed at supporting the development of more integrated and more sustainable transport such as improved pedestrian access, secure cycle parking or even a shuttle bus.

The scheme has been running since 2004 and has supported a number of organisations across the area.

Guidance for Sustainable Travel Grant Scheme Applications

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Community Sustainable Travel Grant Scheme

And how does this differ from the Sustainable Travel Grant?

The original Sustainable Travel Grant Scheme has been running for a number of years. However, smaller community groups often had problems providing the match funding required under the conditions of the scheme.

The new Community version of the Sustaiable Travel Grant is for any constituted Community Group, registered charity or social enterprise based in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire.

Funding of up to £10,000 is available and groups are expected to demonstrate commitment by a contribution (or contribution in kind such as volunteer hours or resources) to the project.

The Community Sustainable Travel Grant Scheme launched in 2021.

Guidance for Community Sustainable Travel Grant Scheme Applications

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