HTAP Annual Report 2017/18

Lucy Johnston2018

Partnership working across Grampian in the health, social care and transport sectors has continued to strengthen this past year, the new Health & Transport Action Plan (HTAP) Annual Report outlines.

The Nestrans Board today (Wednesday, 20 June 2018) has approved for the report be presented to the three Community Planning Partnership Boards within Grampian.

The recently published review for 2017/18 covers the collective work undertaken by partners across the region including NHS Grampian, Nestrans, the Scottish Ambulance Service, Aberdeen City, Aberdeenshire and Moray Councils, the three Health & Social Care Partnerships and third sector organisations.

The report summarises key developments in partnership working, including updates on:

• The travel advice information service for those attending health and social care appointments, known as “THInC”;
• The “THInC: In The City” transport service and a selection of feedback from its service users;
• The Grampian Volunteer Transport Awards which are due to open for nominations in June, with the awards ceremony taking place in November 2018;
• The North East Rider Volunteers (NERVs), a charity which provides a specialist motorcycle courier service to NHS Grampian for a range of medical items.

The full HTAP report can be found here