Consultation open for transportation links to Aberdeen South Harbour and Wellington Road

Jenny Anderson2020

Aberdeen City Council has started a public consultation into two parallel studies for transport links to Aberdeen South Harbour and Wellington Road. Over the last 18 months, Aberdeen City Council has worked with partners to assess options through the STAG appraisal process for both studies.

The next stage in the process is engaging with local stakeholders and members of the public to seek views on the likely impacts of the options for each study on individuals and businesses to assist the City Council in maximising the opportunities that the studies present locally, regionally and nationally. The consultation on both studies is being held at the same time due to the close relationship and overlap in terms of location and option development.

Aberdeen City Council transport spokesperson and Nestrans Chair, Councillor Sandra Macdonald said: “People taking part in this consultation will help make better decisions and deliver on options which best complement each other, as well as maximising the positive impacts and minimising the negative ones.

“I’d urge people who live or work in or near these areas to take part in the consultation as your opinions will help us shape the next stage of the process.”

The opening of the new Aberdeen South Harbour will have a significant beneficial economic impact on Aberdeen and the wider region. The Aberdeen City Region Deal includes funding provision to improve the transport infrastructure and connectivity to the harbour, in order to maximise these economic opportunities. These opportunities include the direct benefits of enhanced berthing and dockside capabilities, but also the proposed Energy Transition Zone and the future additional tourism from the berthing of large cruise ships.

In recognition of this, a STAG (Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance) appraisal is being progressed with the aims of examining transport connectivity to and from the site and identify and appraise appropriate transport options to support the new harbour and wider transport network. Works to be delivered during the construction and initial operation of the Port are already committed. This study therefore focusses on the additional transport infrastructure required beyond the initial period and includes consideration of anticipated changes to the traffic on the network, and its distribution to the surrounding area.

Aberdeen City Council officers have also studied the Wellington Road corridor to identify improvements and have now produced several options. 

The STAG Part 2 appraisal considers the road, public transport and active travel options identified and approved from the STAG Part 1 reporting process, to a more detailed and quantified level of appraisal. 

The consultation for both studies, which ends on 16 December, is available on the City Council’s website at