Can you help influence the long term vision for transport in the North East?

Lucy Johnston2019, News

Nestrans, the Regional Transport Partnership for the North East of Scotland, is looking for your input to help shape the next Regional Transport Strategy (RTS). The partnership has a statutory duty to produce and deliver an RTS to set the vision and direction for transport in the region for the next 20 years.

With the opening of the AWPR and some of the essential rail upgrades underway, a significant proportion of the current RTS has been achieved and it feels that the time is right to look ahead to the future, building on the investment that has already been made and shifting the focus to thinking about how we are going to make best use of new and developing infrastructure, with greater emphasis on issues such as climate change, equality, health and technology.

Nestrans Chairman, Councillor Peter Argyle said, “We are just at the start of this process and keen to give stakeholders, businesses and the public the opportunity to be involved in and shape the directions of the next RTS which will guide transport investment in the North East over the next 20 years. The vision of the next RTS is to provide a cleaner, more resilient, inclusive and accessible transport system in the north east, which contributes to improved quality of life through healthier, more prosperous and fairer communities.”  

The new strategy will be structured around four key pillars each with equal weighting and which provide a common link to the National Transport Strategy, which is being carried out by the Scottish Government in 2019.

The four pillars are:

  • Helping the north east economy prosper
  • Improving health and wellbeing across the North East
  • Taking action to reduce impact on climate change and protect the natural and built environment of the north east
  • Promoting equality across the North East

Nestrans will be working with partners during 2019 to develop policies under each of these pillars and welcome input from businesses and communities in this process.  A website has been created,, which will be the focus of all the consultation and engagement activities on the developing strategy. All interested parties are encouraged to view the site and share their views, comment and help influence the long term vision for transport in the North East.