Consultation on the prioritisation of interventions identified by the Cumulative Transport Appraisal

Stuart Smith2013, News

In March 2012 the Aberdeen City & Shire Strategic Development Planning Authority published supplementary planning guidance on ‘Delivering Identified Projects through a Strategic Transport Fund’.  The purpose of this guidance is to enable the development allowances in the Aberdeen City and Shire Structure Plan (2009) to be delivered and to provide a clear and transparent mechanism by which to mitigate the cumulative impact of these developments on the strategic transport network.

The Strategic Transport Fund was established to provide the mechanism and requirements for developer contributions to be made into a strategic ‘pot’ specifically to deliver identified projects to mitigate the cumulative impact of development.  This consultation relates to the draft prioritisation of these interventions for delivery.

Full details of the consultation, incluidng details for making comment, can be found here with a deadline for responses of Friday 31st January 2014.