Consultation starts today into travel options for Wellington Road

Lucy Johnston2021, News

From Aberdeen City Council:

A public consultation starts today into the next phase of improving travel options for Wellington Road.

People were asked for their opinion in November 2020 on road, public transport and active travel options identified and this final stage requires detailed appraisal of the options against a range of criteria.

A key focus of the study is walking, cycling and public transport improvements in accordance with the Scottish Government’s ‘Sustainable Travel Hierarchy’ and ACC’s net zero carbon and air quality obligations. However, as Wellington Road is a priority route in the revised North East Scotland Roads Hierarchy, any changes also need to support the efficient movement of road traffic, including freight vehicles travelling to and from the harbour areas.

People are being asked to consider three option packages – an Active Travel Package, a Public Transport Package, and a Multi-Modal Travel and Transport Package.

Aberdeen City Council transport spokesperson Councillor Sandra Macdonald said: “People taking part in this consultation will help make better decisions and deliver on options which best complement each other, as well as maximising the positive impacts and minimising the negative ones.

“I’d urge people who live or work in or near these areas to take part in the consultation as your opinions will help us shape the next stage of the process.”

The three option packages broadly focus on:

    • Strategic cycle improvements, shared bus/HGV lane;
    • Souterhead roundabout improvements plus more/better crossings at Souterhead roundabout;
    • Hareness roundabout improvements plus more/better crossings at Hareness roundabout;
    • Additional capacity between Souterhead and Hareness roundabouts;
    • Upgrade to dual carriageway at former HM Craiginches Prison Site;
    • Wellington Road bus quality package;
    • Wellington Road corridor right-turn/traffic signals priorities review package.

Aberdeen City Council is working with Nestrans for this project to identify ways of improving Wellington Road for all transport users.

The consultation is available at