Dyce employees encouraged to take sustainable travel options to work

Stuart Smith2015, News

Employees in Dyce are being encouraged to avoid the rush-hour commute and use public transport or considering walking or cycling options.

Construction of three new business parks close to Aberdeen International Airport will see thousands of staff joining the commute to the already busy commercial area.

The latest company preparing to relocate is Aker Solutions which opens a brand new 2,400 desk office facility at Aberdeen International Business Park in May.

Public sector partners Nestrans, Aberdeen City Council and Energetica, supported by Aker Solutions, have joined forces to produce a new travel leaflet for the Dyce area, encouraging commuters to leave the car at home and consider other options for getting to work.

The Commuting to Dyce leaflet highlights the large number of train and bus options into Dyce from across the north-east including Aberdeen City Centre, Stonehaven, Inverurie, Oldmeldrum, Westhill, Huntly and Peterhead, detailing journey times and connection points.

Cycling and walking routes around Dyce are also detailed, both as part of the commute journey but also for lunchtime walks, fresh air and exercise.

Transport options like car sharing schemes, and upcoming infrastructure improvements including the AWPR, Airport Link Road and the Dyce Park & Choose are also highlighted.

Thousands of copies of the leaflet will be distributed to businesses across Dyce including staff moving to new facilities at Aberdeen International Business Park, D2 Business Park and companies already based at ABZ Business Park.

The leaflet is also available to view online, with plenty of links to more information, at: http://bit.ly/1bdOaft

Energetica Development Manager, James Welsh, said: “With so many new staff moving to the Dyce area it is important to highlight that there are other options for getting to work than getting stuck in the daily rush hour car journey.

“Taking a train or bus to work can be cheaper, less stressful and less time consuming than the car, and walking or cycling can add great exercise to your day.”

Nestrans Director, Derick Murray, added: “How we travel has a big impact on the world around us and encouraging commuters to consider alternative options can make a real difference; if all drivers used a different way to work one day a week traffic would be cut by a fifth.

“As we move into longer daylight hours and improving weather it is also a great chance to some enjoy more time outdoors by walking or cycling. Whether you are commuting or just getting some fresh air at lunchtime, it can make a significant contribution to your health and quality of life.”

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