Dycelink Service 80 revises timetable

Stuart Smith2011, News

The timetable for the shuttle bus serving the route between Dyce railway station, Aberdeen Airport, heliport and Kirkhill Industrial Estate, will undergo a slight revision, effective from next Monday 13 June.

The revised service 80, which has been operated by Central Coaches since April, has additional time built in to ensure that even in heavy traffic, the shuttle bus will arrive at the station in time to meet connecting services.

Rab Dickson, Transport Strategy Manager at  Nestrans, the Regional Transport Partnership for Aberdeen City & Shire, which supports the service to ensure that this key strategic transport link is possible, stated “In moving from a two-bus operation to a single vehicle, there have inevitably been some teething problems and congestion in the evening peak has caused some difficulties in ensuring connection to some trains.

“Initial indications of passenger numbers are that the move to a single bus operation has not impacted too dramatically on patronage and in its first three weeks of operation, the one bus service carried fairly similar numbers of passengers than had previously been carried on two buses. Although buses do get busy at peak times, the new vehicle has room for standing passengers, which has generally been sufficient to meet demand.”

The new timetable is available on the Nestrans website (www.nestrans.org.uk) or follow the link http://www.nestrans.org.uk/db_docs/docs/Airlink_Timetabe_June_2011.pdf

Service 80 operates between 6:30am and 6:30pm Monday-Friday.