Essential Road Maintenance Well Underway

Stuart Smith2010, News

Following the harsh and prolonged winter conditions, the Nestrans Board agreed funding of over a million pounds to enable much needed strategic roads maintenance throughout Aberdeen City and Shire. In an effort to minimise disruption to the travelling public, much of the work is being carried out during the school summer holidays, when the roads are traditionally at their quietest.

Works are now completed on a £290,000 scheme to reconstruct and resurface the northbound carriageway of Ellon Road between Balgownie Road and the Parkway, including the roundabout at North Donside Road.  Essential British Telecom and Scottish Gas works were also carried out and a pedestrian crossing replaced.  The northbound carriageway of Ellon Road will be open to traffic from 4pm today [Wednesday 21 July], four days ahead of schedule.

Essential repairs are also nearing completion on the Queen Elizabeth Bridge.  This scheme will address the failure of the drainage system at the north end of the bridge and is being jointly funded with Aberdeen City Council, who are paying one third of the £150,000 costs.

A £150,000 scheme to reconstruct and resurface the A944 Westhill roundabout and the approach roads has also commenced and is due to be complete by the start of August.  Works to resurface the A92 junction with the U124K to St Cyrus, costing £100,000 are also programmed to commence on 29 July.