Final Active Travel Action Plan approved by Nestrans Board

Stuart Smith2014, News

The final Active Travel Action Plan was approved by the Nestrans Board at its meeting on 9th December 2014.

The final action plan was developed following a 6 week consultation on a draft action plan during September and October 2014.  A total of 33 responses were received and a number of changes and updates were made to the plan as a result of this process.  This has included:

  • Stronger reference has been made to the importance of active travel networks, in addition to the development of a strategic network.  Aberdeenshire’s Integrated Travel Towns are now also illustrated on the map provided as well as reference made to the Aberdeen City Centre Masterplan.
  • Increased reference has been made to national guidance on design, including Transport Scotland’s ‘Cycling by Design’ and Sustrans ‘Handbook for Cycle Friendly Design’.  The action plan incorporates the key principles set out in these documents.
  • Greater emphasis has been placed on the needs of pedestrians and the need to conduct route audits that take into account the needs and abilities of all potential users.
  • Additional detail has been provided on potential funding streams.
  • The actions themselves have now been worked up in greater detail, including a timeframe and responsibility for each.
  • Clearer monitoring indicators and targets have been incorporated.

The final Active Travel Action Plan, along with a summary of the consultation responses received is now available here.