Grampian Cycle Partnership launch ‘The Good Cycling Guide’

Lucy Johnston2021, News

A new handbook, compiled by cyclists for cyclists, has been published to highlight best-practice cycling behaviours.

The Grampian Cycle Partnership is pleased to launch ‘The Good Cycling Guide’. The group is a voluntary organisation that encourage, promote and support all forms of cycling across the North East. With an extraordinary uptake of cycling over the past year or so, it aims to remind cyclists of their responsibilities while riding.

While many guides for cycling exist, the GCP Good Cycling Guide gathers a wealth of information with a local approach. From guidance on road cycling, shared-use paths and zones, to mountain biking and overtaking horses; many of which are common situations across the diverse North East routes.

The guide allows current cyclists to refresh themselves of some of the fundamental advice that they should be following. There are also tips and encouragement for those looking to begin, or resume, pedalling. It’s also a worthwhile read for other non-cycling road users, giving a better understanding of cycling positioning and dispelling common misbeliefs.

Tom Collier, Chair of Grampian Cycle Partnership said, “Cycling is one of the most enjoyable and healthy activities that you can do. There is overwhelming evidence that cycling can improve both your physical and mental wellbeing while being so much better for our wider environment.

“Too often we hear of negative cycling interactions; either driver versus cyclist arguments, or drivers/riders showing a lack of consideration for others and safety. This can be hugely off-putting to someone wanting to ride a bike. We need to change that. We hope this guide will encourage more people to consider cycling but importantly, to do so responsibly and safely.”

Councillor Sandra Macdonald, Chair of Nestrans, the North East Regional Transport Partnership, and Aberdeen City Council transport spokesperson added, “There has been a fantastic increase in the number of cyclists across the North East – with levels among the highest recorded. With more of us sharing the road, I hope that the guide will reinforce positive cycling behaviour and give cyclists confidence in their actions. By riding safely, looking out for others, and showing courtesy and consideration, cyclists can play their part in keeping our roads and paths safe and enjoyable places to ride.”

Police Scotland’s North Area Commander for Road Policing, Chief Inspector Neil Lumsden said, “We are pleased to support the Good Cycling Guide and encourage cyclists and other road users to take the time to read the guide along with the Highway Code. Cycling has clear health benefits and is an environmentally friendly way to explore our built-up areas and countryside.  Improving your knowledge and understanding of how to safely use and share our roads and cycle paths will assist in making our roads safer for everyone.”

The Good Cycling Guide can be found here;

A print-friendly version, containing all the links referenced, can be found here;