Nestrans’ Regional Transport Strategy approved by Scottish Minister

Stuart Smith2014, News

Following a review Nestrans’ Regional Transport Strategy (RTS) has been approved by Keith Brown Minister for Transport and Veterans this month. The document sets out the challenges facing Aberdeen City and Shire over the next 20 years and how they will be addressed.  It includes a comprehensive appraisal of the problems and issues affecting transport in the north east and sets clear objectives for improving transport in the region to 2035.

Nestrans’ RTS was first adopted as a statutory document in 2008 without the context of an up to date Structure Plan or Local Development Plans, all of which are now in place.  The purpose of the review was therefore not to change the direction of the RTS but to incorporate these significant developments in policy and to better align it with the Strategic Development Plan (SDP).

Nestrans Chair, Councillor Peter Argyle “With the Structure Plan confirmed and the new SDP near completion we needed to ensure the transport implications of these plans were incorporated and the RTS supported the delivery. The 2008 RTS covered the period to 2021 therefore it was appropriate that strategy was reviewed and better aligned to the timeline of the new SDP to 2035.”

In 2012, the Nestrans Board agreed to carry out a review of the RTS to take account a number of changes in policy. As with the 2008 RTS, consultation was a key part of the refresh process and a full Strategic Environmental Assessment and Equalities Impact Assessment were carried out. The results of this fed into the refresh and a Main Issues Report was produced for consultation in late 2012. The RTS Refresh Consultation document was created in April 2013 with the final strategy being approved by the Board and submitted to Scottish Ministers for approval in September 2013.

Councillor Peter Argyle concludes, “Nestrans will continue to work with local authority partners, the private and voluntary sectors as well as the Scottish Government to deliver the actions contained within the RTS.”

The full version of the RTS, along with details on the responses and consultation documents, can be found here.