Nestrans release positive results as part of monitoring report

Stuart Smith2014, News

Growth in passenger numbers and improvements to transport provision across the north-east of Scotland has been highlighted in a monitoring report from Nestrans.

The recently published Regional Transport Strategy (RTS) Monitoring Report shows the positive steps being made to improve transport in the north-east.

The report provides information and background data to support the development of the RTS, as approved by Scottish Ministers in July 2008 and the subsequent 2013 Refresh.

The monitoring report uses 42 indicators for which indicative targets have been identified for improving transport in the region. This year there are 22 indicators on target, the highest number since the monitoring report began in 2009. The remainder of indicators are made up of 15 with some success, 2 indicators moving in the wrong direction and three where there is no data available.

Nestrans Chair, Aberdeenshire Councillor Peter Argyle, “Nestrans regularly monitors its indicators to ensure that the RTS targets are met. This year’s results show the positive progress taking place with our partners. This is great news, but we mustn’t get complacent and we continue to aim to improve in the next few years.”

Some of the key statistics and trends emerging from the 2014 monitoring report include:

– Rail patronage (Indicator 3) continues to increase at every station across the north-east. Since 2004/05 Dyce has seen an increase of 182% whilst passenger numbers through Inverurie have increased by 254%. Growth in rail patronage in the north-east continues to outstrip growth across Scotland as a whole with almost double the growth since 2004/05.

The total number of passengers through Aberdeen Airport (Indicator 9) continues to grow and in 2013 outstripped the previous peak in 2007 for the first time.

The volume of freight carried through north-east ports (Indicator 19) continues to rise with 5.1 million tonnes in Aberdeen and over 1million tonnes in Peterhead in 2012.

Number of cyclists on key routes (Indicator 36a) has increased by 37% from 2008-2014

The number of bus passengers in the north east (Indicator 41) has seen an increase in 2013/14 and has returned to just under 2009/10 figures.

The report is published on an annual basis and uses the most recent data available from a variety of different sources, of which the two key publications are the ‘Scottish Transport Statistics’ (published annually) and the ‘Scottish Household Survey’ (published bi-annually). As a result up to date data is not always available for each indicator.

The full monitoring report can be viewed here.

A copy of the Regional Transport Strategy can be found here.