Nestrans to continue looking at long term Dee options

Stuart Smith2010, News

Nestrans will continue to investigate the potential long term options that could be introduced in terms of creating additional vehicular capacity over the River Dee, as Director Derick Murray explains. “While access to Aberdeen from the south will ease when the AWPR is completed and be helped in the short term by measures including improvements to the King George VI Bridge and on Wellington Road, looking to the longer term, we will have to look at what may be required. This was one of the findings from the Aberdeen Access from the South study.

However, the Bridge of Dee is an extremely sensitive location, both in terms of the bridge itself as well as the river’s special area of conservation status and various conservation bodies will need to be involved in the assessment of needs and options.  A variety of environmental surveys will require to be undertaken and undoubtedly it will take some time before we are in a position to advise what is the best option”.

Among the possible options to be explored is the widening of the existing bridge, the construction of a new bridge to the west of the existing bridge or the construction of a new bridge to the east of the existing bridge.

The approved capital programme can be viewed here.