Nestrans welcomes Transport Ministers announcement on retention of cross-border links

Stuart Smith2012, News

Derick Murray, director of regional transport partnership Nestrans, said: “Rail is a crucial element of the transport system in Scotland and we are pleased that the Minister has listened to the strongly expressed views of the north-east and passengers from Aberdeen and beyond will continue to have direct cross-border services to England.

“The north east of Scotland is a major driver of the Scottish economy and the region’s geographical position in relation to the rest of Scotland and the UK makes transport a crucial factor in its continuing economic success.

“The rail network serves a variety of purposes and our passenger links to the south are well used by business and leisure travellers. While air travel is well utilised to Heathrow, rail provides a more environmentally sustainable alternative for many. Losing reliability of access to services could have had significant implications so today’s announcement is very welcome.”