New Bus Pass – Have you got yours?

Stuart Smith2016, News

Over the past few weeks, new bus passes have been issued to around 40,000 people in Aberdeen. This bulk reissue is now finished and if you have not received your new bus pass, you need to contact the Accord Card Team to check if they have an up to date address for you.

Whether you get your bus pass because you are aged sixty or over, or you get it because of a disability you need to get in touch now as the existing cards will not be accepted on buses from 1st January 2017, so, it’s important you get a new card before then.

The easiest way to know if you’ve got a new card is that the name of the new card is the Saltire Card and this is printed on the card.  If you have a Saltire Card, you should start using it now.

If you haven’t got a Saltire Card yet, please call the Accord Card team at Aberdeen City Council on 03000 200293.