New Driver Early Intervention Scheme

Lucy Johnston2022, News

Across North-east Scotland, young and new drivers predominantly in the 17 to 25 age-group, continue to feature prominently in local road casualty statistics. Although far fewer are being injured than was seen a decade ago, the issue remains an ongoing challenge for those organisations charged with reducing road casualties across the North-east.

In March 2022, Police Scotland launched its New Driver Early Intervention Scheme (NDEIS) which seeks to engage with young and new drivers about road safety, openly discuss safe road use and ultimately consider a real-life example – in a step-by-step basis – of what can happen when the rules of the road aren’t followed.

The NDEIS has seen the police joining up with fire and ambulance service colleagues to deliver a 90-minute presentation in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray.

One of the key elements of the NDEIS is its desire to engage with young and new drivers who already hold a full driving licence, whether recently gained or in the past few years. While passing the driving test is a great achievement, learning how to be a safe, considerate and responsible road user extends well beyond the test date.

Local road collision and casualty statistics continue to show that within the at-risk 17-to-25-year-old category, those drivers specifically aged between 18 to 23 produce the peak for young driver related casualties. With thousands of young people employed locally, the NDEIS is keen to promote road safety to this age-group and to seek the support of employers who are willing to give-up some of their employees’ time to permit a workplace presentation to be delivered to their younger members of staff.

Commenting on the approach:

Lorraine Mackie, Road Policing Inspector in Police Scotland’s North East Division states:

‘The NDEIS is a vital component of our longer-term approach to reducing the numbers of young drivers involved in fatal and serious road traffic collisions. We know that most new drivers gain their driving licence after leaving school and we consider it vital to engage with them about road safety in those first few years of their driving. Many not only drive their own vehicles but also those owned by their employers and the output and learning from the NDEIS applies equally to both.

Rab Dickson, Director at Nestrans and Chair of Road Safety North East Scotland states:

‘Across the north east, thousands of young drivers use motor vehicles daily, either to travel to/from work or to use a vehicle as part of their employment. The NDEIS is available to all businesses – at no cost – who may feel that a workplace presentation could benefit their younger members of staff. Sadly we know from experience that the impact of a fatal or serious injury young driver involved road traffic collision extends far beyond the crash scene. Road Safety North East Scotland is happy to support use of the NDEIS and encourages relevant organisations to consider a presentation for staff within the workplace.

For further information or details on how to arrange a presentation, please contact