Park & Ride figures on the increase

Lucy Johnston2019, News

The number of cars using Park & Ride sites across the region is on the increase, according to the latest figures from Nestrans.

Members of the North East’s Regional Transport Partnership heard that over 440 drivers per day are making use of bus-based Park & Ride sites in Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire, an increase of 6.8% on last year’s numbers.

The figures come after Nestrans completed its annual patronage spot-surveys across the five bus Park & Ride sites (Bridge of Don, Ellon, Kingswells, Craibstone and Newtonhill). The data collected was also used alongside detailed figures from in/out camera counts.

It is estimated that, if these results were replicated daily, around 132,000 cars are removed from the City network in a year. This is an annual reduction of over 4million kilometres (over 2.5 million miles), which is likely to have a net reduction of carbon emitted by over 741 tonnes per year.

The Board also heard how the newly launched Park & Ride informational website, developed by sustainable travel partnership Getabout, has been well utilised.

Chair of Nestrans, Councillor Sandra Macdonald, said, “Park & Ride plays a valuable role for the North East, particularly given the rural nature of Aberdeenshire, as it provides an important opportunity to encourage a shift to bus use for those who cannot easily access a bus route.

“Whilst I am encouraged to hear that usage of the Park & Ride sites is on the increase, we know from these figures that there is still significant capacity available for more people to use these facilities. How we continue to encourage this behaviour will be an integral part of the forthcoming Nestrans 2040 strategy.”