Reminder that Consultation on Draft Regional Transport Strategy Re-fresh ends 31 May

Stuart Smith2013, News

The Draft Re-fresh of the Nestrans Regional Transport Strategy is now available for consultation.  The development of this document has followed a review of the existing Regional Transport Strategy (RTS) which was published in 2008 and an initial consultation on the main issues back in October 2012.

The purpose of this re-fresh of the 2008 RTS is not to change the direction of the strategy but to incorporate significant developments in policy and better align it with the Aberdeen City and Shire Strategic Development Plan.  The RTS re-fresh document that is being consulted upon will from an addendum to the current RTS and updates the ‘Preferred Strategy Package’.

Alongside the re-fresh of the RTS, a Strategic Environmental Assessment and an Equalities Impact Assessment have also been carried out.  These reports are also available for consultation alongside the RTS.

All the relevant documents available for consultation can be found on the Nestrans website at

For information, a copy of the Main Issues Report consulted upon in October 2012 is also available as a background paper.

The consultation period will run for a period of 6 weeks from Monday 22nd April until Friday 31st May 2013.  All responses should be sent to:

Nestrans, Archibald Simpson House, 27-29 King Street, Aberdeen AB24 5AA

or by email to