Travelknowhow Scotland : Free Travel Planning Workshop

Lucy Johnston2021, News

The pandemic has changed how, and if, we travel; with many people now working from home, travelling far less or in different ways. Has this impacted the ways in which employees and visitors may want to travel to your organisation?

Coming up on Monday 22nd March: We have a FREE Travel Planning workshop from Travelknowhow Scotland, for organisations in #Aberdeen and #Aberdeenshire:

As well as helping to develop a workplace travel plan, the workshops will help organisations to navigate the many schemes, funding opportunities and active and sustainable travel behaviour initiatives that are available across Scotland.

Organisations signing up to the workshops will also been given the opportunity to take advantage of some FREE consultancy time, providing them with valuable, hands on support for their specific workplace. This free consultancy time can be used to support in the most appropriate way – from overseeing the development a workplace travel plan, to conducting an employee attitude/travel survey or helping to implement a particular travel initiative – we will work with you to provide you with the support that is most beneficial to your workplace.

You can register for a free place via Eventbrite