Week of action to tackle road litter

Stuart Smith2013, News

Scotland’s first Litter Week of Action is being held from 19 – 25 August as a call to clean up and clamp down on litter on Scotland’s roads.

Organised by Zero Waste Scotland on behalf of the Transport Litter Group, the annual day of action has been extended to a week of dedicated action to tackle litter on our roads and railways with commuters, employers, transport providers and support agencies all being encouraged to get involved.

A recent litter audit has revealed that an average of seven bottles and cans can be found on every 100 metres of Scotland’s roads, creating a hazard to road users and wildlife, and costs millions to remove.

Supporters of the Week can help to raise awareness of the negative impact and cost of transport litter. For further information visit www.zerowastescotland.org.uk/content/litter-week-action-2013

We need your help to reduce litter on Scotland’s roads and travel networks.