Aberdeen Rapid Transit

Aberdeen Rapid Transit (ART) is a flagship project of our Regional Transport Strategy. In the coming years, it will deliver transformational public transport, linking key routes with high-frequency ultra-modern vehicles that are efficient and competitive compared to a car journey.


The Regional Transport Strategy aims to encourage a mode shift to help achieve environmental, economic and social objectives. To achieve this, we need a fresh approach public transport. It is Nestrans’ ambition to develop a high quality, high frequency mass transit network across the city, anchored by Park & Ride facilities on each corridor.

The policy to deliver a rapid transit system followed extensive research of other successful city regions and analysis of mass transit options as part of the Strategic Transport Appraisal.

In 2021, Nestrans and its partners in the North East Bus Alliance, developed a bid to the Scottish Government's Bus Partnership Fund. The bid for £12 million was successful and is being used to develop the business cases and designs for city centre and radial corridor bus priority measures, as well as the ART system.


Our ambition is to deliver an integrated Mass Transit ‘step-change’ solution to support
positive social, environmental and economic performance of the City and Region.

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