The Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route (AWPR) provides a new strategic route to improve travel in and around Aberdeen and the north east of Scotland and take through traffic away from the city.


The route is backed by the Scottish Government and was developed by Transport Scotland, in partnership with Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils.

The AWPR fully opened on 19th February 2019. This involved building 58 km of new road, 22 km of new slip roads, two new river crossings, and some 150 other structures to support the route.

The AWPR will have a significant impact on the operation of the road network within the North East. The sections of the current Trunk Road network within the boundaries of the AWPR have been detrunked on completion of the route and the relief afforded by the AWPR will provide an opportunity to implement measures to “lock in the benefits” for sustainable modes. Nestrans has continued to work with the Councils to consider how the road hierarchy should change and to identify integrated measures to lock in the benefits. A public consultation on a new roads hierarchy for the City post AWPR was recently undertaken. In the past year Nestrans has contributed to the costs of developing a signing strategy for local roads and the preliminary design of strategic signage.


Go North East

The AWPR/B-T will transform how we travel around the region, whether you are a driver, user of public transport, cyclist, pedestrian or business.

The #GoNorthEast campaign captures the main benefits the new route will bring under the three most important central themes: safety, sustainability and the economy.

You can find out about the #GoGreener #GoSafer and #GoConnect elements over at the campaign website.

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