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North East Scotland Bus Alliance

Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council, First in Aberdeen and Stagecoach Bluebird have been involved in a Quality Partnership for public transport since April 1998. Nestrans, the Regional Transport Partnership for the North East, joined the Quality Partnership in 2007 and a further update to the agreement was signed by all five partners in 2010.

The focus of this partnership was to increase bus patronage, improve accessibility of services, ensure reliability and punctuality, improve vehicle standards and increase and improve on the quality of bus infrastructure and information provision. Recent trends demonstrate the need for more to be done to challenge the dominance of the private car and increase the attractiveness of bus travel.

In light of this, partners agreed that a new approach was needed and statutory quality partnerships (or potential Bus Service Improvement Partnerships, following the Transport (Scotland) Bill) have been identified as the best framework to allow partners to commit to the necessary improvements in bus services.

The Bus Alliance Agreement was signed by all partners in August 2018 and comprises of Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council, First Bus, Stagecoach, Bains Coaches and Nestrans. The newly formed Board agreed that the first order of business was to develop a ‘state of the network’ report. This report provides the baseline from which to identify priorities and develop corridor specific action plans to achieve the objectives set out in the Bus Alliance Quality Partnership Agreement.

North East Bus Alliance Quality Partnership Agreement 2018

State of the Bus Network Report


Bus Partnership Fund Bid

(see Aberdeen Rapid Transit)


Ready2Go Around Inverurie

Ready2Go Around Inverurie Evaluation


Bus Action Plan

Bus Action Plan – April 2020

Bus Action Plan – April 2021 Update

Bus Action Plan 2022 Update

Real Time Passenger Information

Real Time Passenger Information – Final Study Report

Park & Ride Studies

Park & Ride Operations Study – Final Report (2008)

Park & Ride Study – Final Report (2018)

Dyce Airlink Jet Connect

Nestrans, in partnership with Aberdeen City Council introduced a new bus service, 80 Dyce Airlink, from the 15th December 2008.  This was rebranded in April 2012 to Jet Connect and was operated on a commercial basis by Stagecoach Bluebird until May 2017.

Dyce Airlink Jet Connect Passenger Survey 2012

Bus Satisfaction Survey

Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Bus Passenger Satisfaction Survey 2023

Transport Focus Bus Satisfaction Survey Autumn 2018

Transport Focus Bus Satisfaction Survey Autumn 2017

Transport Focus Bus Satisfaction Survey Autumn 2016

Bus Satisfaction Survey 2016

Bus Satisfaction Survey 2015

Bus Satisfaction Survey 2014

Bus Satisfaction Survey Trend Analysis 2009-2013

Bus Satisfaction Survey 2013

Bus Satisfaction Survey 2012

Bus Satisfaction Survey 2011

Fares and Ticketing Strategy

Fares and Ticketing Strategy

Fares and Ticketing Action Plan Update – 2017

Barriers to bus use study 2015

Barriers to bus use study 2015

Queens Road Modelling Study 2017

Queens Road Modelling Study 2017