Getting goods to market efficiently and on time is crucial to the success of businesses in the north east. Road, sea, rail and air are all important modes of freight transport, with many journeys involving a combination of two or more modes. Enabling efficient interchange is therefore an important element of the transport system.


We want to have an effective transport network which facilitates the efficient and cost-effective movement of goods to, from and within the region, whilst minimising the impact on society and the environment.

We want to ensure that the movement of goods, and the interests of business and industry, are considered appropriately in all aspects of transport decision-making and delivery.

Through the freight forum, we can ensure there is a voice and understanding of the needs of the freight industry.

Working with private and public sector interests across all modes, a Freight Action Plan takes forward  proposals and actions to enhance the effectiveness of freight movement. A refreshed Action Plan (FAP2) was produced and launched in June 2014.

The Freight Action Plan and full information from the Forum meetings can be viewed in the Freight Documents section. A Distribution Strategy has also been developed and is available to view in the Freight Documents section.

In 2016 Aberdeen City Council launched the ECO Stars Fleet Recognition Scheme in partnership with Nestrans and Aberdeenshire Council. The aim of this scheme is to encourage more efficient & cleaner operations for HGVs, buses, coaches, vans and taxis. Nestrans facilitates membership of Eco Stars, which can provide advice and
benchmarking information on clean vehicles and minimising emissions to fleet managers in both the public and private sectors.

Freight Map

The freight map for the north east of Scotland showing principal freight routes, restrictions on the road network, industrial estates and lorry parking areas has recently been updated as part of the CIVITAS Portis project.

The online freight map will be regularly updated to reflect any changes in restrictions and recommended routeing. Work is currently ongoing to publish the map in a physical format.