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In 2008, the North East Scotland Joint Public Sector Group approved a Health & Transport Action Plan (HTAP) for the region. The HTAP had been developed by NHS Grampian, Nestrans and their partners, and set out long-term strategic actions to improve integration between transport and health outcomes.


HTAP comprises two themes: transport and public health, and access to health and social care.

The vision for transport and public health is:

  • For people in Grampian to choose to travel by active modes such as walking and cycling whenever appropriate and to have the ability to do so conveniently and safely, in order to improve activity levels and public health.
  • For everyone in the region to live without unacceptable risk to their health caused by the transport network or its use.

The vision for access to health and social care is:

  • For everyone in the region to be able to access the health and social care they need and if transport is required for this to be appropriate, convenient and affordable.
  • For the environmental impacts of journeys to be minimised.

For more information on health and transport contact:

Andrew Stewart
Health & Transport Action Plan Programme Manager
(A jointly funded post by NHS Grampian & Nestrans)

Tel: 01467 537803


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Transport to Healthcare Information Centre

Do you need advice about travelling to and from your health or social care appointment?

The Transport to Healthcare Information Centre (THInC) can help. They provide practical transport advice for people who have difficulty getting to and from health or social care appointments in Grampian.

The service provides a dedicated telephone service offering guidance on accessing suitable transport options to get to and from appointments when they have no means of personal transport. The centre can provide details of suitable bus or train times, contact telephone numbers and other services such as local dial-a-bus or voluntary car schemes.

The centre is the first of its kind in the UK and is a joint initiative between Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council, Moray Council, NHS Grampian, The Scottish Ambulance Service and Nestrans.  THInC is one of the projects taken forward as part of the Health and Transport Action Plan.

Please call THInC on 01467 536111 between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Calls are charged at local rate. You can also email

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