The north east’s geography means that the transport of goods by sea is a major component in the transport system, with Peterhead and Aberdeen being the principal ports. Nestrans works with the north east harbour authorities and main harbour users to realise new maritime related opportunities and address issues of surface access to the harbours.


Facilities in the north east have seen major investment in recent years. With the £420m expansion project at Port of Aberdeen’s South Harbour now complete, this makes it Scotland’s largest port in terms of berthage.

Substantial redevelopment has taken place at Peterhead Harbour and Fraserburgh Harbour has significant plans for improvement.

In line with the Regional Economic Strategy for the north east, Nestrans supports the continued investment in the development of our ports and harbours (Aberdeen, Peterhead, Fraserburgh and Macduff) and the Aberdeen South Harbour expansion.

Our work with partners will ensure the transport needs and implications of such developments are considered, including the consideration of Free Ports / Green Ports, and proposed Energy Transition projects.

Good access to the region’s ports is vital. Nestrans will work with Aberdeen Harbour to develop Surface Access Strategies to maximise opportunities for sustainable travel, and to improve access for all.

For the new South Harbour, improving road access will transform the opportunities in and around the port. Proposals are being developed through funding within the City Region Deal an options are being developed to find the best way of accessing the new harbour.

Nestrans also coordinates local authority involvement in ferry matters on behalf of the two councils and provides input and feedback as necessary.