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Access from the south 2008

A study completed in May 2008 by SIAS Ltd on behalf of Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council and Nestrans, developing options to improve traffic flows on the southern approaches to Aberdeen City and identify an appropriate location for a park and ride site in transport terms.

Executive Summary

Access from the south 2008 – Appendix A

Access from the south 2008 – Appendix B

Access from the south 2008 – Appendix C

Access from the south 2008 – Appendix D

Access from the south 2008 – Appendix E

Access from the south 2008 – Appendix F

Core Document

Locking in the benefits of the AWPR 2012

Final Report

Anderson Drive (Gt Western Rd and Westburn Road) Locking in the Benefits Study 2012

Haudagain STAG 2008

A90(T)/A96(T) Haudagain Improvement – STAG Report, July 2008

Haudagain STAG 2008 – Appendix A

Haudagain STAG 2008 – Appendix B

Haudagain STAG 2008 – Appendix C

Haudagain STAG 2008 – Appendix D

Haudagain STAG 2008 – Appendix E

Haudagain STAG 2008 – Appendix F

Haudagain STAG 2008 – Appendix G

Haudagain STAG 2008 – Appendix H

Haudagain STAG 2008 – Appendix I

Dyce Drive/Argyll Road study 2008

This report is the culmination of a study undertaken by SIAS Ltd on behalf of Aberdeen City Council, BAA Aberdeen and Nestrans.  The study focuses on access to Aberdeen Airport in particular, and the Dyce Drive area from Kirkhill up to and including the A96(T).  This study follows on from various pieces of work previously undertaken by BAA Aberdeen in preparing a surface access strategy for Aberdeen Airport.

Dyce Drive/Argyll Road Study – September 2008

HOV / LV Study 2009

Final HOV / LV Lane Feasibility Study

Queens Cross Study 2009

Draft Queens Cross Option Appraisal

Local Development Plan Cumulative Impact Assessment 2010

LDP Cumulative Impact Assessment

Bridge of Dee Short Term Slip Lane 2011

Final report with Modelling Results of Short Term Slip Lane Options at Bridge of Dee

A90 (T) Laurencekirk Junctions 2012

A90(T) Laurencekirk Junctions, Oct 2012

Appendix 1 

Appendix 2

Fraserburgh and Peterhead to Aberdeen Strategic Transport Study

In November 2014 Nestrans, the north-east Scotland regional transport partnership, appointed a collaboration of three companies, SIAS, Peter Brett Associates and Natural Capital, to undertake the Fraserburgh and Peterhead to Aberdeen Strategic Transport Study.  The purpose of the study is to identify and examine the options for improving strategic transport connections between Fraserburgh, Peterhead and Aberdeen incorporating the Energetica corridor and will cover all modes of transport including rail, bus, road and active travel connections.

Funding was provided by Nestrans and Transport Scotland. The study is being overseen by a client group consisting of Nestrans, Transport Scotland, Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils and is being undertaken in line with Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance (STAG) and will include consultation with stakeholders, businesses and communities; development and consideration of the objectives for the corridor; and consideration of options across all modes for achieving the objectives set.

The STAG Part 1 appraisal was reported to Nestrans Board in April 2016, following which further consultations were held with bus and rail operators, local authorities and Transport Scotland.  In September 2016, the Nestrans Board agreed to undertake further assessment on the costs and benefits and to develop further the main options, including reopening the former railway line between Dyce and Ellon (including consideration of the feasibility of a “Parkway” railhead adjacent to the A90 beyond Ellon) and a roads option with an indicative package containing sections of daulling, junction improvements and safety enhancements on the corridor.

It is intended that further reports regarding the rail options will be considered by the Nestrans Board in autumn 2018.

Further information, including study reports will be posted on this page as the study progresses.

Pre-Appraisal Report

Pre-Appraisal Workshops Note

Inception Report

AC Members Briefing Presentation

Note of discussion at AC Members Briefing

Baseline Report

Stage 1 Consultation Material (26 Oct – 15 Dec)

Stag Part 1 study

Stag Part 1 study appendices

Stag Part 1 plus Road Study:  Full Report , Summary , Infographic and  Member’s Briefing Presentation

Stag Part 1 plus Ellon Rail Study: Full Report , Summary , Infographic and  Member’s Briefing Presentation

Access to Laurencekirk STAG study 2015

Access to Laurencekirk STAG report


Wellington Road Multi Modal Transport Study

Wellington Road Corridor Multi-Modal Transport Study (2015)