Encouraging Behaviour Change

To meet many of the objectives in our Regional Transport Strategy, a cultural shift in how we think about travel is necessary; shifting our perspective on travel away from a reliance on private cars - often with a solo driver - and towards active and sustainable modes of transport.

Alongside measures to effectively manage the demand for travel, encouraging behaviour change will need walking, cycling and wheeling to become the preferred choice for short trips and public transport and shared transport such as car clubs and carsharing, becoming a much more competitive and acceptable option, compared to the private car.

While challenging, incentivising behaviour change is essential to reduce carbon emissions, improve health outcomes, and address other issues. The recent pandemic has altered travel behaviour, which Nestrans monitored during the course of the pandemic, and after, as part of our Comprehensive Travel Study.

In line with the National Transport Strategy, our RTS embeds the Sustainable Travel Hierarchy in decision making by promoting walking, cycling, public transport and shared transport options in preference to single occupancy private car use for the movement of people. In our RTS, we look at a range of ways to facilitate and support behaviour change, including improving active travel, managing demand for travel, spatial planning - which reduces the need to travel - and promoting sustainable travel options.


Since 2008 the Getabout partnership has promoted active and sustainable travel across the North East under a single identifiable brand.  The partnership currently comprises of Nestrans, Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils, NHS Grampian, Aberdeen University, Robert Gordon University, North East Scotland College, Energy Savings Trust and James Hutton Institute.

The getabout website provides travel choice and travel planning information and is updated with latest news and details of upcoming events.  An on-line travel plan builder is available via the getabout website and offers organisations a free tool to build a travel plan.

Nestrans has developed a Sustainable Travel Grant Scheme, which provides match funding to organisations investing in measures to promote more sustainable travel by their employees or customers.  To help more people share car journeys, Nestrans launched a car sharing website for the north east in and can be viewed here www.liftshare.com.

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