Travel Awareness

Improving transport choice and encouraging better awareness of transport costs and alternatives are important elements of the Regional Transport Strategy (RTS). Over use of cars for even small distances have resulted in congestion, increased pollution, reduced journey times and contributes to a range of health issues in particular obesity and chest heart conditions. If all drivers used a different way to work one day a week traffic would be cut by about a fifth.


The RTS contains a travel hierarchy which supports the least polluting congesting travel first the table lists them and the types of intervention’s Nestrans supports.

Walking Nestrans provides the walking journey planner
Cycling We employ a cycling development officer in partnership with Sustrans
Public Transport Nestrans helped with the opening the railway station at Laurencekirk and the new station at Kintore which will open in 2020. We have negotiated extra trains across the city with Transport Scotland and host the local bus operators forum, working on bus priority measures. Nestrans has also pioneered a real time bus website
Park and Ride Nestrans publicises and promotes park and ride services to Aberdeen City Centre particularly in the run up to Christmas.
Car Share Nestrans provide the liftshare website and promotes it across the region the scheme has over 3,000 members


Since 2008 the Getabout partnership has promoted active and sustainable travel across the North East under a single identifiable brand.  The partnership currently comprises of Nestrans, Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils, NHS Grampian, Aberdeen University, Robert Gordon University, North East Scotland College, Energy Savings Trust and James Hutton Institute.

The getabout website provides travel choice and travel planning information and is updated with latest news and details of upcoming events.  An on-line travel plan builder is available via the getabout website and offers organisations a free tool to build a travel plan.

Nestrans has developed a Sustainable Travel Grant Scheme, which provides match funding to organisations investing in measures to promote more sustainable travel by their employees or customers.  To help more people share car journeys, Nestrans launched a car sharing website for the north east in and can be viewed here

Follow Getabout’s Facebook and Twitter accounts for more details.

Health & Transport

Do you need advice about travelling to and from your medical appointment?

The Transport to Healthcare Information Centre (THInC) can help. They provide practical transport advice for people who have difficulty getting to and from medical appointments in Grampian.

The service provides a dedicated telephone service offering guidance on accessing suitable transport options to get to and from appointments when they have no means of personal transport. The centre can provide details of suitable bus or train times, contact telephone numbers and other services such as local dial-a-bus or voluntary car schemes.

Please note that THInC does not book transport but can assist with travel advice.

The centre is the first of its kind in the UK and is a joint initiative between Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council, Moray Council, NHS Grampian, The Scottish Ambulance Service and Nestrans.  THInC is one of the projects taken forward as part of the Health and Transport Action Plan.

Please call THInC on 01467 536111 between 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday. Calls are charged at local rate. You can also email

For more information on health and transport contact:

Andrew Stewart
Health & Transport Action Plan Programme Manager
(A jointly funded post by NHS Grampian & Nestrans)

Tel: 01467 537803


Thistle Assistance Cards

Originally developed by SEStrans and now available across Scotland, the Thistle Assistance Card aims to help anyone who has difficulty in using public transport and requires a little extra assistance.

Perhaps you prefer more time to get to your seat. You may like your driver to speak more slowly and clearly. The Thistle Assistance card and app let transport staff know in an easy and subtle way what extra support you would like.

If you live in the North East of Scotland and would like a card, please contact the Transport to Healthcare Information Centre (THInC) on  01467 536111 or email

Alternatively you can collect a card from the Nestrans office in Aberdeen.