The Nestrans Regional Transport Strategy (RTS)

The Nestrans Regional Transport Strategy (RTS) sets out the challenges facing Aberdeen City and Shire over the next 20 years and how we will address them.  It includes a comprehensive appraisal of the problems and issues affecting transport in the north east and sets clear objectives for improving transport in the region to 2035.


The RTS was first adopted as a statutory document in 2008 following approval by Scottish Ministers.  The RTS built on the previous strategy to 2011, referred to as the Modern Transport Strategy or MTS and the key projects which were already included within this such as the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route. Our current adopted strategy is 2013 RTS Refresh, we are now working on the next strategy, Nestrans 2040. Further details can be found below.

The next Regional Transport Strategy – Nestrans 2040

Nestrans is currently working on the development of a new Regional Transport Strategy.  This work has been started by the City Region Deal Strategic Transport Appraisal which looked at the key issues, problems and opportunities for the region in relation to transport and has generated a range of options to be taken forward for more detailed appraisal.  The results of this are being fed into the development of the new RTS which will look ahead to 2040.

We have created a consultation website for all information relating to the development of the new RTS

Documents: City Region Deal Strategic Transport Appraisal

Pre-Appraisal Report – Executive Summary – Draft

Pre-Appraisal Report – Draft

Pre-Appraisal Report – Appendix A – Draft

Options Report – Draft

Draft Preliminary Options Appraisal

Documents: Regional Transport Strategy 2040

Nestrans  SEA Scoping Report RTS III Final

Nestrans RTS III Scoping for RTS Workshop – this background paper has been developed to set out the key considerations for the development of the next RTS including the challenges of developing a strategy that considers the region’s aspirations for growth and regional, national and global expectations to reduce emissions and improve quality of life.

Presentation to Nestrans Board on 13th February 2019 – a summary of the context for the development of the next RTS, the vision, wider influences and the need for supporting research.

Presentation to Nestrans Board on 17th April 2019 – starting to think about key themes, trends and what we need the next RTS to achieve.

Documents: June 2020 Board – RTS Supporting Papers

Draft Equalities Impact Assessment

Draft Fairer Scotland Duty Assessment

2013 Regional Transport Strategy Refresh

In 2012, the Nestrans Board agreed to carry out a review of the RTS to take account of a number of changes in policy and to better align it to the Structure Plan and emerging Strategic Development Plan for the North East. The 2008 RTS was developed without the context of an up to date Structure Plan or Local Development Plans, all of which are now in place. The purpose of this review was therefore not to change the direction of the RTS but to incorporate significant developments in policy and to better align it with the SDP, the transport implications of this development plan and its timeframe to 2035.

A Main Issues Report was produced for consultation in 2012 to identify the key issues for the re-fresh and the final strategy was approved by the Board and submitted to Scottish Ministers for approval in September 2013.

As with the 2008 RTS consultation was a key part of the re-fresh process and a full Strategic Environmental Assessment and Equalities Impact Assessment were carried out.

The RTS Refresh was submitted to the Scottish Government for comment in September 2013 and a final version was approved by the Minister for Transport and Veterans on 16th January 2014.

Annual Monitoring Report

The Nestrans Annual Monitoring Report is submitted each year to the Nestrans Board, and provides information and background data to support the development of the Regional Transport Strategy.

The eleventh annual monitoring report was approved at the meeting of the Board on 24 June 2020, and is available in full here.

Documents – Regional Transport Strategy Refresh 2013

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If you would like to request a hard copy of the RTS, please contact Nestrans.

Previous Strategies

2008 Regional Transport Strategy

2008 Regional Transport Strategy
Following submission to Ministers for approval in March 2007, the Nestrans Regional Transport Strategy was revised in line with comments from the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth.

Modern Transport System

Modern Transport System
The Modern Transport System (MTS) is the transport strategy to 2011 for north east Scotland developed by Nestrans in 2002/2003.