2008 Regional Transport Strategy

Following submission to Ministers for approval in March 2007, the Nestrans Regional Transport Strategy was revised in line with comments from the Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth, who stated that he saw Regional Transport Strategies as being high level strategic documents and that the interventions to achieve the strategies should form part of a separate Delivery Plan that Regional Transport Partnerships should agree with their constituent Councils. On 16 April 2008 the Nestrans Board approved the revisions and the strategy was submitted for Ministerial approval.


On 15 July 2008 Nestrans were pleased to receive Ministerial approval for the revised Regional Transport Strategy 2021. This approval gave the RTS statutory status allowing Nestrans to move forward with our partners towards delivery.

This revised strategy document removed interventions as requested but we also updated information and made reference to new documentation where appropriate, for example references to the new Government’s economic strategy etc. Nestrans has since developed a number of Actions Plans, namely a Health and Transport Action Plan, Bus Action Plan, Freight Action Plan and a Rail Action Plan. The projects and actions from the various plans and other studies that have been carried out, were brought together in a prioritised and costed Delivery Plan for the period to 2021. The Delivery Plan has been agreed by Local Authorities as a priority setting document that shows a timetable for construction that is thought to be achievable through partnership working, whilst noting that it is subject to future budget and partner agreements.

Consultation on the draft strategy formed a key part of the process and was very helpful in informing the final strategy. Following consideration of all the consultation responses, we have produced a Report on Consultation which sets out the process followed, summarises the responses received and the amendments made as a result of the responses received.

The strategy details the challenges we need to address and proposes a series of measures to improve transport in Aberdeen City and Shire between now and 2021. The regional transport strategy to 2021 builds on the existing regional strategy to 2011, referred to as the Modern Transport System or MTS, and key projects which are underway such as the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route.

As required by legislation, we have also undertaken a Strategic Environmental Assessment of the RTS, which sets out likely environmental impacts of the strategy. This is now supported by a post-adoption statement, which was approved by the Nestrans Board at its meeting on 27 August 2008.