Documents – Regional Transport Strategy 2008

Nestrans has a statutory duty to develop a Regional Transport Strategy (RTS) for our area. This strategy was developed and approved by the Nestrans Board at its meeting on 16 April 2008 and, as required by legislation, Scottish Ministers on 15 July 2008. You can access the 2008 strategy and supporting documentation below:

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2008 Regional Transport Strategy and supporting Documents

RTS 2008 (printed version)

RTS – 2008 (text only)

RTS 2008 – Summary

Post-Adoption Strategic Environmental Assessment Statement – August 2008

A Rapid Health Impact Assessment – January 2008

Strategic Environmental Assessment report – March 2007

RTS Modelling Report

Background and Findings Report – March 2007

RTS Monitoring Report

RTS Monitoring Report, April 2013

RTS Monitoring Report, April 2012

RTS Monitoring Report, April 2011

RTS Monitoring Report, April 2010

RTS Delivery Plan

Final Delivery Plan 2010 – 2021

Travel Plan Strategy

Draft Travel Plan Strategy and Action Plan – Feb 2009

Action Plans

Final Bus Action Plan (Executive Summary) – Dec 2009

Final Bus Action Plan (Vol 1) – Dec 2009

Final Bus Action Plan (Vol 1 – Appendices) – Dec 2009

Final Bus Action Plan (Vol 2) – Dec 2009

Health and Transport Final Report – July 2008

2nd Draft Rail Action Plan 2010-2021- September 2010

Draft Rail Action Plan 2010-2021- February 2010

Supplementary Planning Guidance

Delivering identified projects through a Strategic Transport Fund