Documents – Regional Transport Strategy 2040

Nestrans 2040 Regional Transport Strategy – Monitoring

In November 2021, the Minister for Transport approved Nestrans’ new Regional Transport Strategy (RTS), Nestrans 2040. The Nestrans Board adopted the RTS as its position of strategic transport policy for the next twenty years.
The Nestrans Board agreed to introduce a Monitoring framework which sets baselines for key indicators and targets (to both 2030 and 2040). Each year Nestrans will present the monitoring report to Board. This is so that Nestrans can track policies, and if necessary, adjust towards achieving the targets.

Nestrans 2040 Monitoring Report February 2022

2040 Regional Transport Strategy and supporting documents

Following a two year process developing the next Regional Transport Strategy, the Regional Transport Strategy was endorsed by the Transport Minister and formally adopted by the Nestrans Board in November 2021.

Regional Transport Strategy: Background

The Aberdeen City Regional Deal includes provision for the development of a regional Strategic Transport Appraisal. This is being used to inform the Regional Transport Strategy, work on Transport Scotland’s second Strategic Transport Projects Review, and other relevant documents. Initial work considered the evidence base, development of key objectives, and a long list of potential schemes. This work is published below:

RTS 2040 Scoping Report this background paper has been developed to set out the key considerations for the development of the next RTS including the challenges of developing a strategy that considers the region’s aspirations for growth and regional, national and global expectations to reduce emissions and improve quality of life.

Presentation to Nestrans Board on 13th February 2019 – a summary of the context for the development of the next RTS, the vision, wider influences and the need for supporting research.

Presentation to Nestrans Board on 17th April 2019 starting to think about key themes, trends and what we need the next RTS to achieve.