Documents – Modern Transport System

Delivering a Modern Transport System

In 2003 Nestrans, along with their partners, published a report detailing the rationale for a Modern Transport System, which included many of the improvements that have now been implemented and paved the way for the AWPR. Below is the original STAG Analysis that informed this report.

MTS Appraisal Overview

The Outcomes and Objectives and Appendix A – MTS Objectives

Identification of Problems and Appendix B – Analysis of Problems

Assessment of Objectives Against Problems and Opportunities and Appendix C – Assessment Table

Option Generation, Sifting and Development and Appendix D – Matrix of Options

Assessment of Categories Against Objectives and Appendix E – Assessment Summary and Tables

Assessment of Categories Against Problems & Opportunities and Appendix F – Assessment Summary and Tables

Category Assessment Summary & Deriving Options for Testing

Supporting Documents

Appendix H – Delivering a Modern Transport System Report
Appendix I – EALI Report