New Driver Early Intervention Scheme

Lucy Johnston2022, News

Across North-east Scotland, young and new drivers predominantly in the 17 to 25 age-group, continue to feature prominently in local road casualty statistics. Although far fewer are being injured than was seen a decade ago, the issue remains an ongoing challenge for those organisations charged with reducing road casualties across the North-east. In March 2022, Police Scotland launched its New Driver Early Intervention Scheme (NDEIS) which seeks to engage with young and new drivers about road safety, openly discuss safe road use and ultimately consider a real-life example – in …

Nestrans appoint new Director

Lucy Johnston2019

Nestrans, the North East of Scotland Transport Partnership, has appointed a new Director, following the December meeting of the Board. Members of the Board’s Appointments Committee were pleased to appoint Mr Rab Dickson to the post, following the retirement of Mr Derick Murray in August. Mr Dickson takes on the role with a wealth of experience and expertise, having worked as Nestrans’ Transport Strategy Manager since the partnership’s inception in 2006, following a 10-year period as Head of Transportation at Aberdeen City Council.