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Transport is an area where inequalities in access and provision for different sectors of society can have significant effects. It is the glue that binds so many different activities for us all and if equal access to transport is not available then it can lead to a range of other manifestations of inequality.

In line with its Public Sector Equalities Duties, Nestrans has produced an Equalities Mainstreaming Report and Outcome Report to ensure that equalities issues are fully addressed.

Nestrans Equalities Outcomes and Mainstreaming Report for 2021

Nestrans Equalities Outcomes and Mainstreaming Report for 2021 is available below:

Equalities Mainstreaming and Outcomes report

As part of the process for developing a new Regional Transport Strategy 2040. An Equalities Impact Assessment, Fairer Scotland Duty and Health Inequalities Impact Assessment were researched and stakeholders consulted over 2019 and 2020.
Below is a link to the assessments, which were published as part of the public consultation over summer 2020.
RTS Equalities Assessments


Previous Equalities reports

Previous Equalities reports are available below:

Mainstreaming the Equality Duty – April 2017
Nestrans Equalities Outcomes Report – April 2017