Cycling, Walking & Safety

Most journeys begin or end with a walk – and for many short journeys it is a quick and simple way of getting around.


The Walkit website to allows visitors to generate a walking route between any two points in and around the city. Each route map includes a journey distance, the walking time (according to a slow, medium or fast walking pace), a calorie burn and even the amount of CO2 saved by avoiding fuel-burning transport. The site aims to get people walking more in and around their communities by helping them make more informed decisions about shorter urban journeys.

Cycling is an efficient and healthy option, but depends on the provision of good, safe routes and facilities for cyclists. Nestrans supports improved facilities for cyclists and has invested over £4 million to date to implement strategic cycle routes from Aberdeenshire into Aberdeen and across the City.

Pedestrian improvements have included the installation of more pedestrian crossings and Core Path upgrades and provision.