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Bus Partnership Fund Bid

On the 9th November 2020, the Scottish Government announced the launch of a long term £500 million programme of investment in ambitious bus priority infrastructure; supporting local authorities, in partnership with bus operators, to tackle the negative impact of congestion on bus servicesThe aim of these interventions is to ensure that journeys are quicker and more reliable, thereby encouraging more people to travel by bus. This fund, called the Bus Partnership Fund, which is part of the Scottish Government’s response to the climate emergency, is also expected to leverage and enable other bus service improvements to tackle the climate emergency, reduce private car use and increase bus patronage. 

A bid for funding was submitted on behalf of the North East Bus Alliance in April 2021. The submission was supported by a copy of the ‘Aberdeen Rapid Transit – Our Vision‘ document.

Aberdeen Rapid Transit – Business Briefings – 7 March – Presentation

Aberdeen Rapid Transit – Case for Change Executive Summary 

Aberdeen Rapid Transit Case for Change

Aberdeen Rapid Transit – Market Research Results

Aberdeen Rapid Transit – What can ART deliver?

Detailed Options Appraisal

Detailed Options Appraisal – Technical Report – Final

Detailed Options Appraisal – Executive Summary

Supporting Technical Notes:

A – Transport Act Scoping Report Review

B – Initial Catchment Viability Analysis

C – Integration of Existing Bus Network

D – Ticketing

E – Transport Modelling

F – Infrastructure Costing

G – Economic Assessment

H – Hansen Accessibility Analysis

I – Equality Impact Assessment Screening

J – Market Research